Ceiling Fan
Orbit Fan
Wall Fan
Table Fan
Stand Fan / Floor Fan / Slide Fan /
Industrial Fan: 3-Legged, Wall
Ventilators /
Exhaust Fan /
Ventilator with Mask
Sewing Machine Motor
Meter 2 Lines
Meter 3 Lines
Cock Knife Switch with cover
SG Knife Switch with cover
Terminal Block
Light Socket
Telephone Socket
Electric Fan Hook
Electric Pot
Pendant Aluminium Lighting
Soldering Paste
About Company

LUCKY MISU is an electric fan which was established for more than 40th years. We improved and created so many new innovative products overtime to make it suitable to our customers who us appreciate and concern. Nowadays, LUCKY MISU has so many product catagories which suit for various usage, both for household and workplace. Ceiling, wall, table, floor, decorating, slide, ventilating and indutrial fan.

LUCKY MISU focus on quality of products and creating cooling air for customers. We believe that, by using Only A LUCKY MISU fan, you will be satisfied.

LUCKY MISU is sincerely appreciate to all customers who gave us a chance to serve you. We hope that all customers was satisfied. LUCKY MISU always opens to all comments, and we will make a better product to achieve higher level of your satisfaction.

LUCKY MISU wish all customers to "Have a LUCKY and HAPPY LIFE in all aspects" as our slogan "LUCKY MISU your LUCKY FAN"

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